Astigmatism Prevention

Astigmatism Prevention

Most likely, many people do not even think about this problem until it is too late. Astigmatism is often detected at routine physical examinations or in situations where a person has already noticed a severe visual impairment, often caused by astigmatism.

What is astigmatism and what happens with astigmatism ? This is a pathology of the eye, which is characterized by a change in its structures (lens, eyeball or cornea), which lead to fuzzy visual perception. Objects are perceived vaguely, their boundaries are erased, small objects are almost impossible to consider. The disease can be either congenital or acquired. The first is almost impossible to prevent, but it is possible to influence its formation in the second case. 

Why does astigmatism develop?

The reasons for the development of astigmatism are many. Unfortunately, not all of them can be prevented.

  • The most common of them is a hereditary predisposition – unfortunately, it is difficult to influence this factor, but it is worth considering and strengthening prevention.
  • Also, astigmatism can result in eye injury due to the formation of coarse connective tissue in the area of ​​injury.
  • Eye surgery.
  • Keracotonus is a thinning of the cornea, its clouding and protrusion in connection with a non-inflammatory disease.
  • Some other diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, abnormalities of the skull structure, arterial hypertension.

How to detect astigmatism?

The most important inconvenience that this disease manifests itself is blurred vision: the boundaries of perceived objects are blurred. In addition, there may be the following symptoms:

  • Frontal headache
  • Eye irritation
  • Increased eye fatigue
  • Blurred vision at dusk
  • Photosensitivity
  • It is hard to focus while reading

For an accurate diagnosis it is necessary to consult a doctor: with the help of special equipment he will be able to specify the diagnosis, understand the causes, determine the degree of development of the disease and prescribe the necessary treatment or vision correction.

What can be done to reduce the risk of astigmatism?

In order to avoid such a problem with vision, it is worth performing some melts, allowing the organs of vision to remain normal.

  • Alternating visual loads with good rest
  • The brightness of the table lamp should be at least 60 watts, but also should not be too bright, as this leads to rapid eye fatigue.
  • Gymnastics is mandatory for the eyes, especially when working with texts or with a computer, on average, once every 45 minutes.
  • Organization of proper nutrition enriched with vitamins.
  • Avoid the effects of strong winds or the ingestion of sand and other tiny particles in the eyes, especially if astigmatism is already present.

Prevention is always easier than cure. The sooner a person begins to take care of his eyesight, the lower the risk of developing diseases of the eye organs, including astigmatism. 

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