Patient fears of eye surgery

Patient fears of eye surgery

“How wonderful it is to see!” – these words are said more than once in their lives by people who have poor eyesight (myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia), and each of them wants to get rid of glasses or contact lenses, because and poor eyesight and glasses and contact lenses deliver a lot of inconveniences:  

  • People who are deprived of the ability to clearly see the world around them at a distance, experience difficulties with social adaptation, feel insecure.
  • Due to poor eyesight, many cannot afford to exercise comfortably.
  • Poor eyesight is able to block the path to the realization of a dream, to stop becoming, for example, a driver, pilot, sailor, etc.
  • Forced wearing glasses changes the appearance of a person, minus glasses visually reduce the eyes; covered with condensation if you enter the room from frost; crush with temples, rub the bridge of the nose … 
  • Often , eye irritation occurs from wearing contact lenses : unpleasant sensations can negate a good mood, ruin the day and even harm your eyes. 

We know how to get good eyesight and will help you get rid of glasses and contact lenses!

Fortunately, modern technologies used in our clinic make it possible to quickly get rid of these problems and restore vision using laser vision correction, which today has become the most common operation, and the cost is becoming more affordable. Unlike glasses or contact lenses, laser correction (in just 10 minutes !!! this is how long the operation on both eyes takes) radically solves the problem of poor vision, and no additional devices are needed to see perfectly. 

But! Many are afraid of the very word “OPERATION”.

But modern ophthalmology is not a scalpel, blood, stitches … Even if a person knows that laser vision correction is a high-tech, effective, predictable, low-traumatic and comfortable way to restore visual functions, he does not always understand how vision improves during this procedure. All fears grow from this misunderstanding. 

Should you have eye surgery?

The doctors of our clinic very often have to answer the same questions that concern our patients. Therefore, we have collected typical fears and tell why they are unfounded.

I’m afraid I will get hurt

Each of us is afraid of pain and does not want to experience it. Laser vision correction is a gentle, effective and comfortable vision correction technique. Modern technologies have overcome the “pain barrier” and make it possible to carry out the laser correction procedure under local drip anesthesia, which is easier to tolerate by patients of different ages. In addition, it does not place a strain on the heart, blood vessels and other organs. A little pressure is all that can be detected during the procedure. The most anxious patients are given a mild sedative to help them stop worrying and relax.           

It happens that in a few hours after the correction there will be unpleasant sensations, as if something had got into the eye, lacrimation increases , etc. However, they disappear within 3-4 hours. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.     

Will need to be in the hospital

If you decide on laser vision correction, then you will not have to stay in the hospital This procedure is performed using the “one day” technology, without hospitalization. The operation itself takes about 10 minutes (for both eyes). After that, you will be asked to stay at the clinic for 30-40 minutes to observe your condition, and if everything is in order, you can go home. The clinic will give you a set of eye drops that you need after your surgery. 

I’m afraid to accidentally blink and ruin everything

This is not possible because a specially designed instrument keeps the eye open. Moreover, the built-in tracker monitors the position of the pupil and corrects the direction of the laser beam in accordance with the received data.

In our clinic, vision is restored on modern German equipment TENEO 317 ™, which provides HD clarity. This laser system has a very high level of safety, eliminating system failures and errors. During its exposure, any individual characteristics of the patient’s visual system are taken into account. The security system takes into account even the slightest nuances of the microclimate of the room, and if the parameters go beyond the norm , the laser will not start working.       

I’m afraid that the lights will be turned off at the clinic during the operation.

If during the process of vision correction the electricity is turned off, then the power supply will be automatically reconnected to the uninterruptible power supply. For it is connected not only devices, but the entire security system in a room safe conditions for correction (dryer and air conditioning with microfilter, and so on. N.). This will allow for a truly complete correction in both eyes, without any disruption to technology.           

I’m afraid of complications after surgery

Like any operation, LASIK carries certain risks, albeit very rare. Feel free to discuss all your concerns with the ophthalmologist , ask about the possible consequences and how to avoid them. All risks and complications after surgery are most often associated with existing contraindications in the patient. For this reason, in our clinic, before prescribing an operation, ophthalmologists conduct a comprehensive examination to make sure that there are no contraindications. There are not so many contraindications to the procedure, and complications are extremely rare. However, no one is insured from them, as with any operation. The main way to avoid negative consequences is to seriously approach the choice of a doctor and clinic. Make sure that the clinic is equipped with modern equipment, and that the doctor’s qualifications are sufficient for such surgical procedures. Ask how many successful operations the ophthalmologist performed, whether there were complications.     

I’m afraid to lose my sight

With laser correction, vision can only be improved.

The number of registered cases of serious complications in the entire history of LASIK was less than 1% of the total number of operations performed. No cases of blindness after the procedure were identified.

I’m afraid to have an operation, as I’m going to give birth in a couple of years

Many people are of the opinion that after laser vision correction surgery it is impossible to give birth. IT’S A DELUSION! To the question: “Is it possible to do laser correction for nulliparous women?” ophthalmologists answer positively “YES!” … The correction procedure itself does not cause visual impairment after childbirth, and also does not affect either the forthcoming pregnancy or future childbirth.   

The only limitation of laser vision correction is that it is not recommended during pregnancy and during lactation . The reason is that at this time the hormonal background of a woman is seriously changing, which can lead to changes in the state of health, including the visual system, and the result of laser correction carried out during this period may be unstable.  

I’m afraid the operation will be too expensive

In fact, the cost of laser correction is quite justified – over the years of wearing contact lenses or glasses, you will spend no less money. You do laser correction once and for all. And if you consider that its result does not change over time , then your costs will pay off.           

The cost of the procedure for both eyes will cost less than the iPhone (or even half of the iPhone, if we talk about older models). And the freedom that good eyesight gives cannot be measured in any currency!

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