Vision in newborns: parental anxiety

Vision in newborns: parental anxiety

At birth, the eyesight of children is underdeveloped, the visual muscles are weak, and in some cases the parents take the pathology options for the normal development of the visual analyzer. But there are also special problems, such as the occurrence of conjunctivitis or a violation of the discharge of tears, during which certain measures are necessary to prevent complications.

So, eye inflammation at an early age can be a problem with vision, so any reddening of the eyes of a baby,   discharge   should be a reason to visit an ophthalmologist. How do parents need to control the development of vision in children, how to properly take care of the eyes of babies?

The development of vision, the color of the eyes of the baby

Close monitoring of the development of the visual analyzer in a child from birth allows him to develop properly and socially adapt, because up to 90% of the information children receive due to what they see around them. Parents from birth should monitor the health of the eyes, properly care for them and consult a doctor in time when any abnormalities are detected.

The baby is born with a bluish-blue tinge of the iris, but during the first months of life the eye color changes. This is due to the fact that the iris to the birth is immature, and the pigment in its cells has not yet accumulated. The final eye color in a baby is determined closer to six months. By the age of two, the baby has already fully decorated iris color, relatively sharp vision. In the very first months, special conditions may be formed that may frighten parents, but belong to standard variants.

Strabismus: parental concerns

Often parents are afraid of how the movement of their eyes is carried out at an early age. Children can reduce eyes to carry, or mow them when one goes left or up, and the other remains in place.   Parents   should understand that up to 3-4 months such asynchronism is permissible, it is associated with training in the management of eye muscles and the formation of neuro-reflex connections in the brain and optic nerve. The formation of a binocular type of vision, in which objects are viewed with both eyes, is not perfect for birth. Parents should remember, up to half a year, mowing eyes is quite acceptable, muscles only work out synchronous movements. If the eyes are constantly deviated from the normal position, strabismus is strongly pronounced and constant, this is not a normal variant: parents with such a deviation should contact an ophthalmologist.

Congenital strabismus can be one of the manifestations of intrauterine infection, malformations or neurological pathologies. Acquired strabismus can result from refractive disorders, high degrees of visual impairment (farsightedness), or cataracts. Timely treatment can completely eliminate this pathology.

What you need to check in children

For about the first month, children cry without tears, this is due to the fact that the lacrimal glands are still developing. As the nasolacrimal canal is formed, a liquid appears which, when weeping, retreats to the corner of the eye. If tears accumulate in the corner of the eye, the child often has inflammation of the eye or its redness, “buttons” of pus appear in the inner corner, this may be a sign of obstruction of the nasolacrimal canal. The reason for this condition in children is that the special membrane that is inside the canal has not broken to birth, and it does not allow the fluid to drain from the eye into the nasal cavity.

Inflammation of the eye: what to do?

In the first months of life, the mucous membranes are very sensitive, and often there is inflammation of the eye due to problems with the discharge of tears or the ingress of dangerous microbes. Redness and purulent discharge, visible inflammation of the eye or both – this is the reason for visiting the doctor to rule out dangerous pathologies and prescribe the correct treatment. In the first place among the causes of inflammation of the eye is dacryocystitis, with it nasolacrimal canal massage is prescribed, and if it does not help, sensing it with a thin instrument with the removal of an obstacle to the outflow of tears. In the presence of a membrane or corks from the contents of the channel, the tear does not flow, microbes multiply in the channel and pus is secreted, inflammation of the eye is formed with accumulation of pus in the corners. After an operation or a membrane breakthrough, the inflammation of the eye passes quickly, and special drops help in removing it.

Newborn Conjunctivitis

A special variant of the pathology becomes conjunctivitis, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes, having a microbial or viral origin. The area of ​​mucous membranes, although it possesses defenses, is still underdeveloped due to weak immunity as a whole, and the tear deficit in the first month contributes to the active seeding of mucous membranes with dangerous microbes and viruses. With inadequate care of the visual analyzer, conjunctivitis may occur. Its main symptoms are redness of the eyes, whims of children due to discomfort and burning sensation, eyelid edema, mucous or purulent discharge, gluing cilia.

In the treatment of conjunctivitis, adult preparations or traditional methods are unacceptable, it is necessary to consult a doctor and treatment only under his supervision. Apply full eye hygiene with removal of crusts and pus, as well as instillation of drops with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory components, the use of ointments. With timely treatment, conjunctivitis is eliminated in a couple of days, but treatment should be continued for another two or three days until complete suppression of the growth of pathogenic flora.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Parents love to look at the face and eyes   children, therefore, pay attention to the reaction of sight. If the baby does not react from birth to bright flashes of light, does not swallow and does not close the eyelids, this should be alarming, perhaps he does not see. In children, whose vision is normal, reflexes are triggered, they turn away the face or close the eyelids, the pupils react to light. You shouldn’t shine bright flashlights in your eyes, it can damage the retina, in case of doubt you should consult a doctor, he will check his eyesight and give his opinion.

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