Decorative lenses

Decorative lenses

Decorative lenses for eyes, also called carnival or club lenses, are not intended to improve visual function, but to change the appearance of the iris and pupil of the eye.

Every year, the increasing popularity of decorative lenses for eyes pushes eye lens manufacturers around the world to pay special attention to this particular type of contact optics. The result of this interest is the organization of presentations of more and more models of decorative lenses. Decorative lenses are made using different technologies and can look completely different. 

Each manufacturer of contact optics is doing its best to “outperform” competitors – to develop and release on sale the most harmless, reliable and externally beautiful decorative contact lenses.

As a rule, decorative lenses for both dark and light eyes can be found among the lineup of contact lenses of each manufacturer. The difference between decorative lenses for dark and light shades of eyes lies in the density of the applied ornament. Modern advances in technological progress make it possible to apply a very dense coating to the lens without sacrificing its transmission capacity. In other words, such decorative lenses can change the color of even very dark eyes, but their owner will nevertheless see everything perfectly. The natural shade of the eyes does not shine through such lenses, which determines the naturalness of the new image. 

Manufacturers of contact optics continue to improve in what patterns to apply on the surface of a decorative lens, and in what way. For example, decorative lenses with frightening patterns of a cat’s pupil on a yellow background or a red vampire’s eye have gained popularity recently. Even the familiar to many effect of dollar signs in the eyes of Scrooge McDuck from the cartoon can now be tried on by everyone.

Despite the fact that decorative lenses are intended to beautify and change the appearance, and not to correct vision, you must remember about certain rules for wearing them. Indeed, despite all the decorativeness, such lenses come into contact with the surface of the eyeball, which means they can bring as many problems as entertainment. For example, it is worth knowing that due to the high density of the application of the coloring composition on the surface of the lens, the ability of these contact optics to pass air decreases. This must be borne in mind when wearing decorative lenses, as the eyes may not have enough oxygen. In addition, peripheral vision may deteriorate slightly. It is recommended to wear decorative lenses for no more than three hours in a row, after which the eyes should be allowed to rest. 

Among other things, it is worth remembering the danger of wearing decorative lenses when driving a car, since peripheral vision plays an extremely important role for the driver of the vehicle. Do not wear decorative lenses when driving at dusk, as the picture will blur in the field of view.

In addition, you should refrain from buying decorative lenses if their quality is suspicious. Of course, in professional optics salons, such lenses will cost much more. But on the other hand, you can be sure that your eyes will remain healthy. After all, eye health is much more expensive than an unusual appearance for several hours. If you follow all the rules for wearing decorative lenses, there is practically no risk of causing damage to the health of the eyes.

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