Prophylactic eye examination

Prophylactic eye examination

When was the last time you visited an ophthalmologist? Why do we forget about our eyes all the time, although the only thing that is required of us is to have an eye exam with a doctor? We constantly monitor the safety of the apartment, car, personal belongings. So why don’t we pay attention to the most precious thing we have: our eyesight? 

Someone will say that he sees well, and he does not need an appointment with an ophthalmologist. But this feeling can be deceiving. Almost all eye diseases are asymptomatic in the initial stages. You will only feel pain or discomfort when it’s too late. And if you come to the doctor and undergo vision prophylaxis, the disease can be detected at the very beginning, when it is easy to cure.

What awaits you during an eye examination in Krasnoyarsk? The ophthalmologist will conduct a visual examination of the eyes, and then will use the new generation of diagnostic devices, with the help of which the most insignificant eye pathologies can be noticed. Laser scans can see hidden blood vessels that could rupture or inside which a blood clot could form, detect dying areas due to discoloration of the retina, or predict where a blind spot will appear. Modern equipment, which has been used in the clinic since 2005 and is constantly being updated, has saved the eyesight of many hundreds of people by now. 

Are you afraid to find out that you have a chronic eye disease that cannot be cured? Even so, we will have the opportunity to slow down vision loss and avoid blindness. New drugs appear every day, and even previously incurable diseases can now be controlled. Of course, if you see a doctor in a timely manner.

Also, everyone knows that prevention is easier than cure. Eye health makes life easier. So if we want to live a long and active life, we need to treat our eyes with respect. A paid appointment with an ophthalmologist at our clinic will take a little time, but it will give you complete information about the state of vision and eye health. 

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