The most common eye diseases

The most common eye diseases

Many ophthalmic pathologies develop asymptomatically, without causing any concern. Patients notice that something is wrong only when the changes in the optical system are serious. At an advanced stage, as a rule, it is no longer possible to do with conservative therapy, and treatment will cost more, both in terms of finance and in terms of risks. Therefore, you should not neglect the preventive examinations of the ophthalmologist, and for any discomfort in the eyes, consult a doctor.

5 most common eye diseases

In addition to myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, that is, refractive errors, the following diagnoses are most often made:    

  1. Dry eye syndrome is a typical companion of the elderly and those who spend a lot of time at the computer, wears contact lenses. The syndrome is caused by impaired production of the lacrimal glands due to various reasons. Symptoms may appear temporarily after laser correction. Sometimes dryness accompanies other diseases, such as blepharitis.   
  2. Glaucoma is one of the main causes of vision loss. The disease develops, as a rule, after 50 years and is associated with high intraocular pressure, which destroys the retina of the eye. Regular tonometry allows you to catch this moment and start treatment on time. Surgery is not the only option for patients with glaucoma, sometimes drug therapy or laser treatment is sufficient .   
  3. Cataracts, the risk of which increases with age. If the patient does nothing and puts up with blurred vision, he risks completely ceasing to see. Phacoemulsification is the replacement of a clouded lens with an artificial one. Thanks to local anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain during the operation. And on the same day he can return home.  
  4. Macular degeneration is another age-related ailment associated with retinal degeneration. As a result of the death of nerve cells in the inner lining of the eye, the connection between it and the brain is disrupted. It is more difficult for the patient to cope with daily activities: reading, recognizing faces, driving a car. Unfortunately, it is still impossible to regain lost vision, but laser coagulation of macular degeneration can stop the destruction .   
  5. Diabetic retinopathy is the traditional diagnosis for those who have impaired glucose tolerance for most of their lives. High blood sugar damages blood vessels, including those that nourish the retina. Only diet, control of glucose and blood pressure, and regular examinations with an ophthalmologist can delay the disease. If the retina is already affected, laser therapy can help slow the destruction. 

Despite the fact that these diseases are the most common and dangerous, all of them can be prevented. Do not neglect preventive examinations and the advice given by an ophthalmologist. 

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