8 habits for saving vision right now

8 habits for saving vision right now

Hours of work at the computer, huge bales of business papers, and in the evening the blue light of a TV or smartphone. With such a load, few people can boast of 100% vision. WHO is sounding the alarm: if the situation does not change, then in the next 10 years, more than 70% of the Russian population will have vision problems. According to experts, a lot depends on us, so it will be useful for everyone to find out what habits are worth adopting to slow down the process of deterioration of visual function.

Ideal products for the prevention of cataract development – oatmeal with blueberries

Bilberry is a berry, very rich in plant glycosides anthocyanins. According to experts, its regular consumption is a preventive measure.   cataracts   and macular dystrophy. The substances contained in it fight against the degeneration of the macula or yellow spot, which is responsible for the reproduction of a clear, clear and color picture of the surrounding world. Oats are also useful for many organs and systems. It acts as a prevention of cardiovascular ailments, liver diseases, urolithiasis, obesity, etc. Numerous experiments have shown that in individuals who have increased the proportion of grains and legumes in their diets, their vision has improved by 10–40%.

Spin on spinach

And although initially this food product was promoted as an ideal source of iron, today it is known for certain that this mineral contains a very small amount, but there are substances that are capable of improving the work of the organs of vision. First of all, these are carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which with one of their counterparts meso-zeaxanthin provide the ability to see objects from both close and far distances, distinguish the whole range of colors and create powerful protection against harmful UV radiation. By the way, these carotenoids are not synthesized by the body, and get into it only with food. So make a habit of eating spinach twice a week.

A good habit is to eat blue onions instead of common onions.

A deep purple-red onion contains carotene, which is so necessary for good eye performance, but not only it. It contains a powerful antioxidant quercetin. Together with other flavonoids, some of which are formed from it, and ascorbic acid, quercetin reduces the fragility and permeability of the capillaries of the eyes, a positive effect on blood clotting, increases the elasticity of red blood cells. Since ancient times, blue onions have been valued much more than usual, and today it is easy to buy in most grocery stores. Therefore, nothing prevents you from changing your   habits   and eat mainly this species.

How to eliminate the cause of dry eyes from drivers?

Climate control system is present in all modern cars, but many do not even suspect that its incorrect use indirectly or directly causes dry eye syndrome in drivers. According to statistics, this is one of the most common diseases, affecting 5-6% of the population. In the presence of symptoms such as dryness, burning and feeling of sand in the eyes while driving, it is necessary to direct the ventilation to the foot area, but not to the face so as not to overdry the mucous membrane of the eye.

Increase your motor activity – start with evening walks

Violation of eye function inevitably entails a lot of restrictions and prohibitions. Glaucoma, which today suffers every second, stepped over 60 years of age, requires changes in diet, daily regimen and habits associated with physical activity. Exercise for such patients is contraindicated, but moderate, entered and performed with caution, not only do not harm, but also improve the work of the organs of vision, regulate the outflow of fluid and lower the intraocular pressure.

Such loads include yoga, gymnastics, Pilates, swimming. You can start small – walks. And the acquired four-legged friend will help bring it to automatism.

How are foods rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids useful?

Everyone knows that polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are very beneficial for the health of the cardiovascular system, but few know that they are an essential component of healthy vision. During the experiments in this area, it was found that   Omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids can prevent macular degeneration and slow down the already begun process of falling vision. It is known that they are part of cones and rods – photoreceptors that capture light, and their deficiency in the body increases the likelihood of age-related macular dystrophy. Therefore it is worth to use more often   foods rich in PUFAs – fatty sea fish, avocados, vegetable oils. In particular, the fish should be on the menu twice a week.

Stop eating salty foods

Salt is able to retain fluid in the body and provoke edema, impair kidney function, and according to the American ophthalmologist Donald T. Atkinson, it is also the culprit in the development of a disease like cataract. The doctor believes that the clouding of the lens of the eye is associated with its dehydration, which often happens when there are errors in the diet and abuse of foods rich in salt – snacks, convenience foods, sausages, products in vacuum packages.

For those with a cataract in the initial stage, the doctor advises urgently to go to the so-called “green” diet, which includes a large amount of fruits, vegetables and greens, rich in chlorophyll. When eye dysfunction is very useful natural foods containing vitamin C and beta carotene – berries and vegetables.

Observe the rule of 30 minutes

Eyes need rest, and if there is no way to reduce the duration of their contact with the screens of electronic devices, then you need to make such a good habit: every 30 minutes to break away from the monitor and peer into the furthest point in the room. It is useful to perform other simple exercises for the eyes to relieve fatigue and eliminate discomfort. For example, move your pupils up and down, left and right. Move them around in a circle, blink for 1 minute, close your eyes tightly and open your eyes sharply, etc. All these measures will help you prolong your eye health for many years.

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