Clairvoyance is often referred to as “insight” or “second sight.” Those who possessed such a gift of fate are now called oracles, soothsayers, magicians, and some even saints. However, it is worth noting that every person has a gift at least to a minimum.

Clairvoyance can manifest itself completely accidentally and unexpectedly, usually people talk about the appearance of strange visions and sensations after having suffered a shock or stress associated with the life of their own or loved ones. But everyone has a different barrier of perception, so those who have it thinned enough are considered clairvoyants. Psychic abilities are manifested, according to clairvoyants, in places where ghosts are found. When one person is able to see a ghost, and the other does not feel anything, mistrust arises quite rightly. In almost every story about ghosts and anomalies, there are people who claim that they have not observed anything strange and unusual. Scientists believe that when a ghost is observed by a group of people, only one or two people see it, and they already transmit their feelings to the rest.

The medium is also a kind of clairvoyance. Some scientists believe that mediums “connect” to different sources of information with the help of clairvoyance, they seem to “read” the world. They can take advantage of this opportunity in various ways, someone is starving, someone is breathing in special smells, someone is arranging dances around the fire. Such methods of entering a state of trance appeared in ancient times, even among the ancient tribes. In Egypt, Greece, special aromas were used, shamans of various tribes use frenzied dances for this, or special substances that resemble a weak narcotic drug. All people of all nations of the world were looking for opportunities to establish contact with the souls of dead people. It is believed that the dead can answer many questions, tell about what awaits a person in the future, what he should be afraid of.

Clairvoyance shows everything from people who are dead and alive to worlds that no one has ever seen. Scholars came to grips with clairvoyance in the early nineteenth century. It was at this time that the boom associated with hypnotic sessions took place. Some believe that clairvoyance is a very highly developed intuition. Sometimes clairvoyance can manifest itself in emergency situations, just once in a lifetime. Scientists still cannot determine how this mechanism works. How can you turn on clairvoyance. Believe in it or not, this is a question of every person. But, as they say, we ourselves are the creators of our future. Even if something was predicted for you, remember that you yourself decide whether it will really be or will remain only words.

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