What is the danger of eye treatment with folk remedies

What is the danger of eye treatment with folk remedies

When the eyes fail, we are ready to try any methods of traditional and alternative medicine to restore vision.

Medicines in the mass consciousness are associated with terrible side effects. At the word “operation”, the imagination draws a scalpel and blood, although modern ophthalmic surgery uses mostly non-invasive laser techniques. Many people have not heard about the possibilities of hardware treatment. As well as innovative corrective lenses that reprogram the structure of the eye.

When vision deteriorates, some people, instead of visiting an ophthalmologist, turn to the Internet or friends and boldly use the recommendations received. Eye treatment with folk remedies seems harmless until you know about the side effects. Ophthalmologists have to correct the effects of home therapy.

What is the danger of self-medication

“Sick” do not know what they are treating. They try to relieve the symptom, not understanding the true cause of the disease. Vision can fall due to both hormonal changes and diabetic retinopathy. The cause of tearing may be damage to the cornea or dry eye syndrome. Similar signs are characteristic of many diseases, often not related to the eyes. Only a competent ophthalmologist can correctly interpret all the symptoms. Sometimes, in order to understand the cause of the disease, a comprehensive eye diagnosis is required. But even when the diagnosis is known, folk recipes are not the best way to treat. Perhaps some means have been tested for centuries, but they were effective when there were not so many unfavorable external and internal factors. The same “dry eye” syndrome appeared in the era of atmospheric pollution and gadgets.

Relying on unverified information from the Internet or recipe books is not only pointless, but also dangerous. If you have no idea about the origin of the pathology, the medicinal effect of plants, their combination with each other, the effect on the delicate structure of the eye, you should not even try folk methods. Some compounds are downright harmful. The combination of burning dandelion root, allergenic honey and onion, prescribed by herbalists for glaucoma, will not stop the destruction of retinal vessels, but will burn the mucous membrane.

Fans of self-treatment often turn out to be patients of eye trauma. Patients who have tried grandmother’s recipes and, in desperation, have come to traditional medicine also turn to Maerchak ‘s Laser Eye Microsurgery Clinic . Unfortunately, in such cases, the disease, as a rule, is already at an advanced stage, when conservative methods fail to restore vision.

When folk remedies are effective

Alternative medicine makes sense, and ophthalmologists do not deny the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines, drops, including extracts from medicinal herbs. But only a pharmacist can make up such medicines, and a doctor can prescribe them. Many principles of traditional medicine improve not only vision, but also the general condition. So, a balanced diet rich in vitamins, physical activity, the use of anti-inflammatory decoctions for medical purposes helps to preserve vision and delay age-related disorders.

But even if you follow all the rules of a healthy lifestyle, you should not neglect preventive ophthalmological examinations. Changes detected at an early stage can almost always be corrected, and by the least painful and costly methods.

If you notice visual impairment, pain, pain, or you are interested in the causes and treatment of red eyes, the Doctors of our Clinic will help maintain healthy vision.

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