Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the inner surface of the eyelid and the eyeball. When it becomes inflamed, the blood vessels enlarge, the eye becomes red, and the eyelids swell. The child complains of pain in the eyes, pain, itching.

Causes of conjunctivitis

Pathology is often found in children who are alien to the rules of hygiene. Toddlers often rub their eyes with dirty hands, causing an infection. The causes of the disease can be different, these are:

  • viruses;
  • bacteria, most often staphylococci and streptococci – such an infection is characterized by purulent discharge from the eyes;
  • allergens;
  • other irritants, such as the reagent in the pool.

Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis in children are contagious and can spread to other family members if proper hygiene is not followed.

Treatment of conjunctivitis in children

Inflammation quickly goes away if the right medicines are selected. The doctor determines how to treat conjunctivitis in a child, based on the cause of the disease and the condition of the baby.

  1. With bacterial conjunctivitis, antibiotics are prescribed in the form of drops, ointments, less often tablets. Even if the symptoms disappear in the first days, it is important to take the medication for as long as the doctor has prescribed without changing the dosage. Otherwise, there is a risk of developing resistance to antibiotics: bacteria will become immune to this drug.
  2. If the inflammation is caused by a virus, ophthalmologists advise constantly rinsing the child’s eyes and removing dry discharge. Warm compresses can help relieve symptoms. Make sure that the child does not touch sore eyes – this increases irritation and spreads the disease.
  3. To relieve the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis, you need to limit contact with the allergen. Antihistamines reduce inflammation.

If the child wears lenses, it is worth abandoning them for the duration of treatment and switching to glasses.

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