Scientists told how to maintain vision while working at a computer

Scientists told how to maintain vision while working at a computer

Specialists from the University of Texas have developed a new formula that, according to doctors, will help preserve vision for those who work for a long time at the computer. This new scheme is called “20-20-20-20.”

This formula assumes that every 20 minutes a person should break away from the computer screen and blink 20 times for 20 seconds. After that, look at various objects located from him at a distance of 20 feet (about 6m), without straining your eyes. 

American scientists recommend using this technique as one of the main ones that will help preserve vision. At the same time, one should not forget about the proper lighting in the room and the location of the workplace. The distance between the eyes and the computer monitor should be at least 50 cm. 

Scientists are sure that the method developed by them is effective and recommend using it not only for those who work at the computer for a long time, but for those who wish to maintain their vision for a long time, as well as to avoid headaches and neck pains. At the same time, those people who work in an air-conditioned room should be especially careful, as it dries the air, which can lead to a feeling of dryness and burning in the eyes.

Doctors note that recently, more and more people suffer from the so-called dry eye syndrome. Long work at the computer negatively affects vision. This is due to the fact that the eyes are focused on the monitor and, as a result, blink less, which leads to dry eyes. The mucous membrane does not perform the usual functions.

According to doctors, in addition to this method, several useful exercises will help to maintain vision and cope with their fatigue. For example, without turning your head, move your eyes up and down, left or right, or rotate them in a circle in one direction and then the other. It is enough to repeat these exercises 5 times. After each such exercise, the eyes should be allowed to rest, covering for this with their palms.

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