Palming – effective exercises for the eyes

Palming – effective exercises for the eyes

Palming should be done constantly in small quantities. Close your eyes with your palms for just half a minute, and you will feel cheerfulness and new strength even in the middle of a busy day at work. Correct execution of this exercise is the key to perfect relaxation of the eye muscles. If you can reach this state and see a clear dark space in front of you, then this will immediately be reflected in the quality of your vision. At the same time, permanent and long-term improvement can be expected. Along with an increase in visual acuity, you will immediately notice that you will no longer have pain in the eye area, constant headaches, migraines or other painful sensations that are directly related to constant tension. The more complete the relaxation achieved during palming , the longer the beneficial effect will be. If you are not doing palming very well , then this will only give a short-term effect. Only a small part of people master this seemingly simple method from the very beginning. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t succeed the first time. In addition, even the smallest relaxation of the muscles of the eyes is the first step to complete relaxation. It is much easier to climb to the second and subsequent steps. The hardest thing is to move a stone, and rolling it on an inclined surface is already much easier.

I would like to note that some categories of people fail to achieve tangible results even after constant and diligent palming . Often, such people can master the palming method only after auto-training, but if this does not give a positive result, it is better not to practice this exercise. Perhaps the reason is the habit of incorrect focusing of vision, so active palming may harm your eyes, and not heal them.

Starting Position: Extend your fingers on either hand and place her palm on your face. Place the little finger of the second hand across the base of the fingers of the hand that is already closing its eyes. After that, the hands must be crossed so that they resemble an inverted tick, similar to the letter of the Greek alphabet delta, which has no base. The place where the little fingers will intersect will become something like the arch of glasses on the bridge of the nose, and the hollows of the palms will be located above the orbits of the eyes. During palming , the eyes must be closed at all times. Don’t tense your fingers, try to relax your elbows and hands as well. In order to achieve the desired relaxation, rest your elbows on the table top or knees. The neck should be in line with the spine, in other words, do not slouch. If pain or other discomfort occurs in the elbows, it is decided to put a small pillow on your knees and lean your elbows on its soft surface. If there is a desire to bend over, do it with the entire surface of the back, do not hunch over.

Each person places their palms on their face in a way that suits them. You don’t have to follow all of our instructions exactly. It is better to choose the position in which you will feel comfortable.

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