Ophthalmologists talked about the dangers of sunglasses

Ophthalmologists talked about the dangers of sunglasses

Ophthalmologists do not recommend following fashion and wearing sunglasses, as this negatively affects the quality of a person’s vision. Daylight has a beneficial effect on the muscles around the eyes, serves as a stimulant for the iris and helps improve blood circulation.

According to the recommendations of specialists for the retina, you need to get sunbathing. Such procedures help get rid of the pain that appears in bright light. According to psychologist Jacob Lieberman, the eyes are not only an organ of vision, but also a “window” through which the rays of the sun enter the human body. Thanks to the knowledge and qualifications of this professor, he managed to cure more than 15,000 patients. To do this, he used his own technique, which is based on getting rid of diseases with the help of light. Thanks to his technique, Lieberman was able to improve the condition of people suffering from sexual disorders, cancer, eye problems.

For an example, ophthalmologists give falcons and eagles that fly in the sky and look at the sun. These feathered ideal vigilance. Unlike birds, the underground and night inhabitants could not boast of good eyesight. Specialists recommend using sunglasses as little as possible. If for some reason a person does not tolerate bright sunlight, it is better to wear a wide-brimmed hat.

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