Natural vision recovery

Natural vision recovery

It is not customary for ophthalmologists to completely cure myopia and farsightedness – when making such a diagnosis, the doctor can usually recommend either wearing glasses that plant vision faster and stronger, or referring the patient to the clinic for an ophthalmic surgery. But no one uses the long-known and truly successful recommendations for natural vision improvement. And for the natural restoration of vision, it’s only worth the effort and take a set of measures: abandon bad habits, switch to proper nutrition, regularly take vitamins for the eyes and do special exercises daily.

Rejection of points

Refusal of glasses is the first moment that a person who wants to regain his eyesight without having to perform an operation should understand for himself.

With myopia in a person, the longitudinal oculomotor muscles are weakened and the transverse ones are strained. With the help of refusing glasses and special exercises, a short-sighted person needs to learn how to relax the transverse muscles and train the longitudinal ones. Then vision will be restored.

With farsightedness, a person has weakened transverse oculomotor muscles and longitudinal strains. With the rejection of glasses and special exercises, a far-sighted person needs to learn how to relax the longitudinal muscles and train the transverse ones – vision will be restored.

Glasses do not allow people with low vision to relax and train the necessary muscles, and therefore, when wearing glasses, vision deteriorates every year. In addition, glasses develop latent strabismus.

Lifestyle & Nutrition

First of all, it should be noted that a person who wants to restore his vision without surgery, must abandon (at least for the duration of treatment) bad habits, namely quit smoking and drink alcohol. You should not even talk about the effect of alcohol and tobacco products on every human body, in particular on the eyes, everyone knows about it anyway. For the natural restoration of vision, this is a very important point that should not be ignored.

Human nutrition is no less important for the restoration of vision. The best option would be to switch to separate nutrition with preliminary cleansing of the body. If this option is not possible, you should just monitor what a person eats, observe moderation in food, diversify the diet with healthy foods rich in vitamins A, C, E: pumpkin, lettuce, peas, Yu onions, herbs, citrus fruits. Carrots and blueberries are especially good for the eyes.

Smoked meats, meat, sausages and butter should not be abused.

In order for the body not to be slagged, it is necessary to cleanse with enemas once every half a year . 

Vitamins for the eyes

Vitamins for the eyes – this is the next moment that is necessary for the natural restoration of vision. Our eyes, like hair, skin, teeth, require special care and natural nourishment. A lot of different vitamin complexes for the eyes are sold in pharmacies, but they are all quite expensive. In order not to spend a lot of money, you can take the cheapest dietary supplement of a domestic producer – Blueberry. Liquid oil vitamins A (retinol acetate) and E (tocopherol) will also benefit the eyes. Also, it is recommended to consume instead of tea a decoction of the eyebright grass – this is the most medicinal herb for the eyes, which returns visual acuity. It is recommended that you wash your eyes daily with tea leaves or black fennel tea every evening. It is also worth noting the healing properties of propolis for the eyes. Propolis Aqueous Extract is the perfect drops necessary for the natural restoration of vision. They need to be dripped in the eyes half an hour before a person begins to conduct special exercises for the eyes.

Eye exercises

Eye exercises for natural recovery of vision – this is 80% of a person’s vision. In order to keep fit the body, a person goes in for sports, for elasticity of the skin, women do facial massage, which develops facial muscles. But people don’t even think that for a good vision, daily training of weakened oculomotor muscles is also necessary. No less important for vision are some techniques for relaxing the muscles of the eye – when a person learns to relax his eyes, his vision will recover without surgical intervention. 

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