Prevention of eye diseases: how to take care of your vision?

Prevention of eye diseases: how to take care of your vision?

When vision deteriorates, the world begins to lose its colors. Unfortunately, the percentage of people who have problems in this area is quite large. Moreover, congenital pathologies are diagnosed only in a small number of patients, while the vast majority of their eye diseases develop during life. And this suggests that many problems can be avoided with the prevention of eye diseases. What preventive measures must be followed to maintain the quality and visual acuity for a long time?

Medical examinations as regular measures for the prevention of eye diseases

The first and most important condition for the prevention of eye diseases is an annual examination by an ophthalmologist. This will provide an opportunity not only to diagnose and treat ophthalmic   diseases   at an early stage, but also to reduce the risk of developing some ophthalmologic diseases, especially if there is a genetic predisposition to this, as well as if the patient has diabetes or hypertension.

In particular, such prophylaxis will make it possible to detect glaucoma, a serious eye disease that may be asymptomatic for a long time and give an effect only when there are not very many chances for recovery.

Proper nutrition for the prevention of eye diseases

Good disease prevention – the right one   nutrition, including the use of products that have a positive impact on eye health. The principle of making a diet that is good for the eyes is quite simple – you should include in the menu as many products as possible containing sufficient amounts of vitamins A, C and E, because:

  • Vitamin A is of particular value to the eyes, as it is a component of the retinal pigment substance. Lack of it in the diet can lead to the development of the disease, popularly called “night blindness” (deterioration of visual acuity with the advent of darkness).
  • A sufficient amount of this vitamin (retinol) contains carrots. And that is what makes it so valuable to eye health. Sources of vitamin are also considered to be Bulgarian pepper, apricot, avocado, egg yolk and others.
  • In some people, the quality of vision both during the day and for a longer period may vary depending on the state of health, in particular, on the blood circulation – that is, on the health of the blood vessels. And their main protector can rightly be called vitamin C. A large amount of it is contained in blueberries, so in the summer it is recommended to eat as much as possible. The daily intake of vitamin C can be obtained by pampering yourself with one orange per day.
  • A good antioxidant that significantly reduces the risk of premature aging of eye tissues, as well as changes in the dystrophic nature of the retina and iris of the eye is vitamin E. Its daily dose is contained in one tablespoon of sprouted wheat or rye, which nowadays can be purchased in large supermarkets.

The effect of excess weight on the quality of vision

The fact that excess weight can have a negative impact on the health of all organs has long been known. But little is said about its impact on the quality of vision. Nevertheless, it is believed that obesity can be a factor in the development of glaucoma, cataracts, necrobiosis of the yellow spot, as well as diabetic retinopathy.

Being overweight puts a lot of pressure on the blood vessels that supply blood to the eye. Considering that they are too thin, the latter can easily be damaged. Therefore, the struggle with extra pounds is one of the important preventive measures. After all, the greater the weight of a person, the higher the likelihood of developing some eye diseases, the risk factor for the development of which is obesity.

Prevention of ophthalmic diseases: compulsory rest

Prevention of myopia, as well as other eye diseases requires limiting the time of sitting at a computer, as well as regular breaks. During long-term work, it is necessary to arrange fifteen-minute breaks for rest every hour. By the way, this is a good reason to do exercises for the eyes.

Experts recommend occasionally taking short breaks, that is, simply leaning back in your chair and sit for a couple of minutes with your eyes closed. In addition, to work behind the monitor, it is desirable to purchase special glasses with perforations or polarized glasses. An ophthalmologist will help you find them.

Use of sunglasses

Long stay under the sun in some cases can lead to serious eye diseases. Therefore, good prevention of eye diseases – the use of sunglasses that protect the cornea, as well as the retina from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation. And not everyone knows that most of the ultraviolet radiation enters the human body through clouds or reflected from the water surface, and in the winter season – from snow. The period of their most intense action is from ten in the morning to two days. For this reason, at this time of day, going outside, for the purpose of prevention, it is advisable to wear sunglasses, even if the sky is covered with clouds.

In the process of selecting points, pay attention to their marking. It should say how many UV lenses are missing, the level of their adaptation to bright light, the ability to remove sun glare, and so on.

Protection glasses should not exert pressure on the area of ​​the nose, as well as be too free, because the minimum penetration of ultraviolet radiation provides not only the quality of the lenses, but also the density of fit.

To give up smoking

According to the WHO, more than half of men and about a third of women suffer from nicotine addiction in our country. Unfortunately, few of them think that, except for diseases of the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system, smoking can significantly impair the quality of vision.

A substance like nicotine has a devastating effect on the bloodstream of the body, while the eyes need a normal blood supply.

Degeneration of the macula,   Conjunctivitis, cataracts, and blockage of blood vessels are just a small list of problems that can be encountered by heavy smokers. Therefore, the prevention of eye diseases is a complete cessation of smoking.

Observing these simple preventive measures, you can if not cure eye diseases, then at least slow down their progression or prevent the occurrence. Take care of your eyesight.

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