How to understand that the child has become worse to see? Myopia in children

How to understand that the child has become worse to see? Myopia in children

In order to prevent visual impairment, ophthalmologists advise checking the vision of preschool children 3 times: – at the age of one to one and a half years; – before the child goes to kindergarten; – at the age of 6-7 years, before starting school attendance.  

If there is the slightest suspicion of a deterioration in the child’s vision , parents are advised to immediately go to an ophthalmologist. The sooner a child’s visual impairment is detected, the more favorable the prognosis of treatment. A special risk group includes children with poor heredity, for example, if both parents or one suffers from myopia. Their eyesight should be checked by an ophthalmologist every year. 

If both parents are nearsighted , then the probability of developing myopia in a child is 80%, if only mom or dad does not see well from afar, then – 40%, if the family does not have nearsighted – 10%. Unfortunately, most parents neglect the advice of ophthalmologists before starting school, and they never check their child’s eyesight. And of course, they are very surprised when in the first grade the teacher informs them that their child does not see what is written on the blackboard when he sits on the back desk. 

Poor vision in a child is a serious problem for parents. Most often, visual impairment is found in children aged 5-10 years, it is from this age that many begin to wear glasses. If a shortsighted child does not wear glasses, his vision will fall further. It is extremely rare to restore lost vision using various methods, most often you have to wear glasses all your life or do laser vision correction using Lasik technology, which is not performed while the eye grows, that is, up to 18 years.   

At school, when the visual load in children increases significantly, myopia only progresses. The daily activities close to which the pupil’s eyes are exposed every day contribute to this. In addition, now every student has a tablet or smartphone with which they spend too much time, watching cartoons, reading, playing and sending a message. The stronger the child’s eyes are loaded, the more rapidly his eyesight worsens.  

Every year, even in children who wear glasses, vision is getting worse. Glasses have to be changed to with greater diopter, and the child gradually loses self-esteem. Despite the fact that today you can choose a beautiful and fashionable frame, almost all children are embarrassed to wear glasses. They are often teased at school and offended by peers, calling them “bespectacled.” 

Therefore, many girls and boys suffering from myopia , already at the age of 12, ask their parents to change glasses for lenses, but, unfortunately, they cannot solve the problem. Children at this age still do not know how to care for them and follow the rules of wearing lenses, as a result, inflammation of the cornea often develops and the eyeball turns red, which looks less attractive than glasses. 

It is very sad that many parents perfectly remember their shortsighted childhood and do not want it to be the same in a child, but reject the possibility of developing myopia in the baby. They do not prohibit their 3-5 year old child from watching TV for longer than 30 minutes, they allow him to play on a tablet or computer until he turns them off.  

Ideally, each parent should teach a child from 3 years to do gymnastics for the eyes, which can be found on the Internet. Daily exercise for the eyes should become a habit for the child, as well as brushing your teeth. Preschool children do not complain about visual impairment, but parents should be alert if he: – starts to blink, blink and rub his eyes; – He began to sit closer to the TV; – examining the drawings, pulls the book close to his face; – Squints when trying to examine distant objects; – Does not recognize parents, grandmother, or acquaintances of children until they come close; – at the age of 6 years, many children already read everything that is written on advertising signs, with a deterioration in vision, the child stops doing this.  

In all of these cases, you cannot postpone a visit to an ophthalmologist . Only with the help of computerized equipment can he determine whether his child’s eyesight has really deteriorated and give the necessary recommendations. The development of the organs of vision ends at the age of 12-14 years, it is up to this age that it is easiest to cure eye diseases. Therefore, it is very important to conduct timely diagnosis of vision in children and start treatment on time. 

Those parents who don’t let everything go of their own accord right from birth , allowing the baby to sit at the computer almost an entire day, play various games, watch TV and read while lying down, and then, having learned that his eyesight has deteriorated, scold the child for that he “planted” his vision. But this is not his fault, the parents themselves are to blame. It depends only on them whether their child will grow up as a self-confident person with healthy eyes, or will wear glasses and suffer from low self-esteem.  

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