How to keep a vision for a geek: tips

How to keep a vision for a geek: tips

And all this is only a small part of the unpleasant consequences of our frequent presence in front of computer screens. And what was it worth – and probably still worth it – for only a few minutes to distract from your usual activities and to slightly revise your user “addictions” and working conditions behind a harmful computer monitor?            

Optimize your computer time

Take, for example, such an urgent issue as the duration of our direct interaction with the computer. Usually few of us take this “minor nuance” into account. And in the meantime, experts recommend to “interact” with the monitor is not more than 6 hours a day. Moreover, any user who is worried about the healthy state of their own eyes is simply obliged to arrange at least a few breaks for themselves every couple of hours to rest.           

Change monitor settings

Or – monitor settings. The quality of our vision directly depends on the brightness and contrast of the image displayed on the screen. To optimize these parameters is available even for the usual “teapot”. Brightness, for example, can be easily adjusted by carefully examining an open, clean sheet of Word format and “removing” dazzling whiteness from it or, on the contrary, an irritating grayish tint.        

The location of the monitor is another detail that requires close attention of the “right” user. The working monitor should be located slightly below eye level, at an angle of about 10. And in order to avoid the presence of eye-catching glare from the window and other sources of illumination, it is best to install a monitor observing an angle of about 90 with respect to lamps and window openings.            

Use computer glasses and do gymnastics

Use whether you special glasses when working for the monitor? If not, then in vain! The best option for people with normal vision can be the use of computer glasses, simulators, which reliably protect the eyes from myopia and other misfortunes. Those who suffer from diseases of the retina will find glasses with built-in filters that are “responsible” for optimizing the photosensitivity of the user’s eyes a computer.           

If, as a result of your excessive “communication” with the monitor, you do not want to lose your sight or become the “happy owner” of computer visual syndrome , systematic eye gymnastics should become an obligatory tradition for you. The ideal option for such gymnastics is yoga for the eyes. Thanks to the regular implementation of a set of simple exercises, you will not only protect your eyes from harmful screen radiation as much as possible , but also possibly restore your own vision, up to its full correction. Well, if the word “yoga” itself scares you, take small breaks during work and train your eyes with traditional exercises, which you will not find any difficulties finding on the Internet .                 

Take vitamins “for visual acuity”

Special teas and vitamins for eyesight are another important factor in the well-being of your eyes, which should definitely not be neglected. The most useful in this regard are products containing vitamin A (carrots, broccoli, pumpkin, liver, fish oil, sour cream, butter, etc.), vitamin C (bell peppers, cabbage, lemon, kiwi, sea buckthorn, black currant and etc.) and vitamin E (vegetable oil, nuts, egg yolks, cucumbers, carrots , etc.).            

Modern pharmacies, which have a whole arsenal of synthetic vitamins, also offer a huge range of useful dietary supplements and teas, including Tea for sight, Tea for improving eyesight, Tea for eye fatigue, Eyebright, etc. Perhaps in this hard to believe, but by resorting to the help of such simple and accessible means, you certainly will notice a significant improvement in the eye condition and quality of affected due to the harmful effects of the computer monitor.           

Lead a healthy lifestyle

And in conclusion – an eternal topic, namely , a healthy lifestyle. It is he who has an undeniable effect on our entire body, including the state of the eyes. A full sleep, a rational diet and a regular stay in the fresh air, combined with the observance of the above recommendations, will guarantee you a significant improvement in eye health when working with a computer and guarantee effective prevention of all possible negative consequences of your overly active “communication” with the notorious computer monitor!

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