Eye barley

Eye barley

Eye barley is an inflammatory process of a purulent nature of the eyelid border. The inflammation covers the hair follicle or sebaceous gland at the ciliary bulb. Eye stye can be painful, but usually does not require treatment and goes away on its own.

Causes of eye barley

Ophthalmic stye develops due to staphylococcal infection of the hair follicle and nearby sebaceous glands. Most often, eye barley affects children with reduced immunity. In addition, eye barley can develop with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, with worm disease or against the background of diabetes mellitus. The disease is provoked by all kinds of immune disorders and metabolic disorders.

The immediate causative agent of eye barley is a bacterial infection. In this case, barley can arise from poor personal hygiene. Infection occurs very quickly.

Meanwhile, eye stye, in particular in cases of its recurrence, may indicate that there are any other diseases or disorders of immunity. In such a situation, several barley can develop at the same time. At the same time, the temperature rises sharply, the lymph nodes swell . There is a need to see a doctor. 

In addition, you should seek medical help if less than a few weeks have passed since the first barley passed, and a new one is already ripening in its place. Moreover, in such a situation, the cause of eye barley can be a skin disease – demodicosis .

Effective prevention of eye barley is staying in the fresh air, a balanced diet, and the use of vitamin complexes. Particular attention should be paid to the B vitamins. 

Symptoms of eye barley

On the maturing eye stye is indicated by pain in the eye, pain in the head, sometimes the temperature can rise.

People with eye stye complain of swelling of the eyelids. After that, a painful point forms at the edge of the eyelid, which then develops into an abscess.

At the beginning of the disease, the border of the eyelids begins to itch, after which the affected area swells. The area hurts for several days, then the head of the abscess matures. After a few days, the scalp bursts and the pus comes out. Before maturation, pus cannot be squeezed out, as complications may arise.

Moreover, unripe barley can pass without a trace without any treatment.

Treatments for eye barley

Cauterization of the barley area at the first stage of the development of the disease can give a positive result. For moxibustion, you can use medical alcohol, a solution of brilliant green or iodine. Very carefully, trying not to touch the eyeball, it is necessary to apply the agent to the ripening area of ​​the eye barley using a cotton swab. In addition, a warm compress made from medicinal chamomile or regular black tea can improve the condition.

Medical help for eye barley should be sought if:

– in the process of development of eye barley, the temperature rises;

– relapses of barley occur;

– puffiness does not go away in more than five days or increases even more;

– puffiness impairs vision.

Nutrition with barley

If eye stye often occurs, special nutrition rich in vitamins A and C can help. Necessary for normal skin nutrition.

In addition, you can follow any detox diet. You can eat raw vegetables and fruits, fermented milk products, teas and herbal infusions, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices and still mineral water. If you repeat this diet regularly, then the protective properties of the immune system will increase. 

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