Prevention of myopia in adolescents

Prevention of myopia in adolescents

Myopia, alas, is increasingly common among modern adolescents. This is due to the excessive strain on the eyes while reading, watching television and sitting at the computer. To prevent vision loss, it is necessary to maintain the correct lighting during these activities, as well as take certain preventive measures.

Teenagers 13-17 years old are recommended to take a break in reading or sitting in front of the monitor for 10-15 minutes at least once an hour. During this period of time, it is advisable to change posture, move, perform some exercises that help improve blood circulation. Also, exercises for training accommodation are recommended, which consist in shifting your gaze from close objects to objects in the distance.

Palming helps to remove fatigue from the eyes . It is necessary to close your eyes tightly with your palms, while the thumbs are on the temples, and wait two minutes. During this time, visual purple is restored, and the clarity of vision improves. The spa eye massager also helps well . Vibration stimulates the muscles that contract the lens, the muscles around the eyes, therefore, massage glasses for the eyes effectively relieve fatigue and are a good means of preventing visual impairment. Visually impaired adolescents need to monitor their breathing during strenuous visual work – deep, prolonged breathing contributes to the saturation of blood with oxygen and its intensive circulation, which is good for the eyes. 

Children and adolescents need to be taught the skills of properly organizing places for reading or working at the computer. This applies not only to the recommended distance from the eyes to the surface of the pages of a book or the plane of the monitor, but also to lighting. Reading poorly lit or fuzzy text can strain your eye muscles. But no less harmful to the eyes is the contrast of black type with dazzling white paper. The computer monitor should be positioned slightly above eye level to help reduce stress on the muscles around the eye . And you should not sit at the computer in the dark, the brightness of the workplace should match the brightness of the display, while a bluish tint of light is desirable. 

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