Key questions about myopia

Key questions about myopia

Myopia is a violation of the focus of vision, in which a person worsens visibility into the distance. Myopia or myopia is a fairly common phenomenon that a person can encounter at any age, starting from the moment of birth and ending with advanced age. In connection with the prevalence of this visual impairment, it is advisable to highlight and consider the main questions about myopia that patients with myopia ask at the doctor’s office.

Does myopia have a hereditary predisposition?

Myopia depends on the anatomical structure of the eye when its length does not match the optical power. This defect may be inherited. It is also noted that most often the degree of myopia in children exceeds the degree of this disease in parents. Myopia also progresses faster in children.

What effect does TV and computer have on the progression of myopia?

For adults, the TV does minimal harm, but children should not get involved in it. A person who spends a lot of time behind a TV screen has to strain his eyesight. This is a negative point, since it is a long-term strain of vision that contributes to the rapid development of the disease: as a result of the fact that a person constantly watches, reads, studies, the number of myopic people increases every year.

With a computer, things are even worse: for children, depending on age, it is permissible to spend at the computer no more than 20-90 minutes a day.

Adults, whose professions are associated with constant work at the computer, must regularly conduct special exercises and visual gymnastics, as a prevention of visual impairment. Otherwise, myopia will begin to progress rapidly.

How pregnancy affects myopia

During pregnancy, hormonal changes occur, which contributes to the increase of myopia, although not by much. If a woman has a high degree of myopia (more than 6 diopters), doctors recommend a cesarean section, because of the high risk of detachment of the retina.

If in the evening you feel sore eyes and vision decreases, does this indicate myopia?

This is false myopia, which occurs as a result of visual overstrain. A spasm of the eye muscles against the background of constant fatigue is treated with a decrease in the visual load on the eyes: normal work and rest (10-minute breaks every 2 hours), gymnastics for tired eyes, and the proper organization of the workplace.

Should I see a doctor when myopia changes for the better?

Myopia, as a rule, stabilizes after 20-25 years, but it is necessary to respond to any changes in the quality of vision, regardless of whether it gets better or worse. This requires an examination by an ophthalmologist and an examination of the fundus.

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