How to protect your eyes

How to protect your eyes

You are reading our site – it means you have a computer. And if you have a computer, then the information on this page will be very useful. Does your computer spoil your eyesight? How to avoid harmful effects of the monitor on the eyes and reduce their fatigue? Is it possible to restore, improve vision, spoiled by long and improper work on the computer? We tried to answer these questions in this section.

Alas, poor eyesight is a characteristic feature of many of those for whom the computer is the main working tool. After all, the human visual system is poorly adapted to viewing the image on the monitor screen. The essence of working on a computer is to enter or read text, draw or study the details of a drawing. And this is a huge burden on the eyes, because the image on the display screen does not consist of continuous lines, as on paper, but of separate points, which are also luminous and flickering.

Low-quality software is no less harmful to eyesight. Poor selection of colors, fonts, and the layout of windows in the programs you use is very bad for your vision. Contribute to the deterioration of vision and poor location of the monitor, improper organization of the workplace.

As a result, working on a computer seriously overloads our eyes. If, moreover, the monitor is of low quality and the interface of the programs used is unsuccessful, then the consequences – various visual impairments – will not be long in coming. The user’s visual acuity decreases, the eyes begin to watery, there is a headache, fatigue, ghosting … This phenomenon is called “computer visual syndrome”. So, you spend a lot of time at the computer. Vision begins to fall … What to do? In this section of the site you will find information on ways to protect your eyes from the computer: proper nutrition for vision, vitamins, gymnastics for the eyes, yoga exercises, about the old Slavic method of improving vision.

Eye protection methods

Basic rules of vision hygiene

  • Comfortable workplace. It should be sufficiently illuminated, the light field is evenly distributed over the entire area of ​​the working space, and the rays of light should not fall directly into the eyes. Equip your computer with a good monitor, set it up correctly, and use quality programs.
  • Special nourishment for the eyes. People with impaired vision need to eat foods that strengthen the vessels of the retina: blueberries, black currants, carrots. The diet of myopic should contain cod liver, greens: parsley, lettuce, dill, green onions. In the treatment of eye dystrophy, rosehip (infusion, decoction), cranberries help.  

What drugs can improve vision.

Vitamins are useful for the eyes (especially complex multivitamins, in which vitamins are combined with trace elements: zinc, calcium), all preparations based on blueberries. For eye diseases, it is worth taking a course of fish oil once a year.

Gymnastics for the eyes.

There are computer programs that simulate eye rest. Some of them are even presented by developers as programs to improve vision. It is difficult to say how effective they are … very often, as you know, advertisements wishful thinking or, at least, greatly exaggerates the merits and does not mention a word about the shortcomings … Probably, it is better to have the same 10 minutes for real rest than staring at a simulated relaxation screen.

The greatest benefit of gymnastics for the eyes is for prevention and in the early stages of visual impairment. In these cases, with the help of proper training of the eye muscles, it is quite possible to achieve some improvement in vision, restore its sharpness, and prevent the development of more serious eye diseases.

It is advisable to perform the “eye” set of exercises for those who work at the computer, and for those whose eyes are prone to fatigue. Eye gymnastics usually takes no more than five minutes. You can also try exercises from yoga, ancient Slavic medicine. Compresses, washing the eyes with black and green tea, warm lotions on closed eyes from a decoction of chamomile help to relieve fatigue, prevent eye diseases. Get your eyes checked regularly and see an eye doctor at least once a year. Regular eye examinations by a specialist will help identify possible problems at the earliest stages and take preventive measures long before problems with your eyes, as they say, become visible to the naked eye. The doctor will also advise on possible methods of vision correction.    

If you use glasses or contact lenses, pick them up in the doctor’s office, not in the underpass; follow the simple, in general, rules of caring for them. You need to protect your eyes from ultraviolet exposure to sunlight.

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