Hate work spoils eyesight

Hate work spoils eyesight

A huge number of people are worried about sore eyes and poor vision during the work day, especially if people are working at a computer. In fact, people simply do not like the work that they do. Specialists from Italy found out that every third person complains of vision precisely because he hates his work.  

Scientists at an Italian university studied more than two hundred bank employees, who were asked during the experiment to describe stress at the workplace, working conditions, and eye strain while working at a computer. It should be noted that all employees did not have any pathologies of vision and did the same job.

One of the three study participants answered that he suffers from overwork several times during the working week. About 10 percent experienced daily stress. Eye strain was expressed in itching and redness, soreness and increased intraocular pressure. In addition, after a working day, many employees had blurry vision and double vision developed.  

Approximately one third of respondents confirmed that they experience stressful situations during the working day. For bank employees who felt the support of colleagues and felt much more comfortable, eye strain was observed almost twice less often. Moreover, the illumination of the desktop did not affect vision fatigue.

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