Eye protection for frequent computer use

Eye protection for frequent computer use

Eye protection from the monitor is a very relevant topic for people in those professions whose work is related to the main pastime at the computer: programmers, graphic designers, layout designers, secretaries, students and many other people. Such work quickly gets tired and the eyes begin to ache, eye pressure may rise or a head ache – in general, there is a lot of discomfort. Vision can be easily planted if you do not use basic protection methods, but restoring it later will be very problematic, so it is better to take care of your eyes in advance.   

Protective glasses

Special computer goggles can be easily purchased or ordered at any optical store, they perfectly protect the eyes from glare on the screen and reduce light radiation, thereby relieving unnecessary eye strain. Having once spent a small amount, a woman will perfectly preserve the shine and health of her eyes.

Correctly configured monitor

Eye protection with the monitor itself is very important, as its settings and quality will greatly affect vision over time. Therefore, a computer or laptop monitor designed for continuous operation is very important to set up properly. This will make it easier to spend time at the computer and relieve the eyes from painful sensations. First of all, you need to adjust the brightness to an average level: the monitor should not be very bright, so as not to strain your eyes and should not be too dim. Then you need to change the screen frequency. To do this, open Control Panel → Display → Settings → Advanced → Monitor. In this tab, change the screen refresh rate to the maximum allowable number, measured in Hz. 

Frequent blinking

Frequent blinking is the easiest way to protect your eyes during extended work at the computer. Blinking helps to cleanse the eye, keep it moisturized and clear vision. You just need to get in the habit of blinking at least once every 3-5 seconds.

Exercises for the eyes

An experienced eye doctor may recommend that a woman take regular breaks while working, using special exercises and eye exercises. She will tell you in detail how each of them is performed and how many times it must be performed. Such exercises can be independently found and read on the Internet.  

Prevention and vitamins

Prevention of vision and the periodic use of special vitamins is a very important aspect of eye protection during constant contact with a computer. In pharmacies, all kinds of vitamins to strengthen eyesight, herbal teas to improve eye health, as well as special drops for computer scientists that can be used often are widely sold. You can buy the usual liquid vitamin A – retinol and regularly drink its course with the required frequency.  

View from the screen

The eyes need to be given frequent rest, looking from the screen at distant objects: you can look out the window at the trees and roofs of houses every few minutes. It is especially useful to look at green objects: this color calms the eyes and lowers the pressure inside the eye. Bright, saturated and dark colors should be avoided.

Room illumination

First rule: the light should be moderately bright and not too dim. The second point – the lamp should never stand between the working person and the monitor, it will distract, creating unnecessary stress. And the third rule: light should not fall on the screen, creating glare.

So, there are many ways to protect the eyes from the monitor, if followed, in the future, drastic measures will not be required to restore vision.  

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