Causes of watery eyes

Causes of watery eyes

The causes of lacrimation are many and varied in nature. The causes of lacrimation may lie in the development of vitamin deficiency, an inflammatory process, in an allergic reaction, in overwork, etc. One way or another, with increased lacrimation, this problem cannot be ignored. Tears are a necessary substance in the body of any person, however, their increased secretion causes a lot of discomfort.

Causes of lacrimation – vitamin deficiency

Lack of certain vitamins can cause increased work of the lacrimal glands. First of all, the eyes begin to water with a deficiency in the body of potassium and vitamin B2. In order to dwell on this particular reason, one should pay attention to the presence of other symptoms of this condition. In particular, the development of photophobia and cracks in the corners of the lips indicates the lack of these compounds. Often, a shortage of these compounds occurs with excessive consumption of strong coffee and tea, salty foods, diuretics and hypnotics, with physical and emotional overstrain of the body. An additional manifestation of a lack of potassium and vitamin B2 in the body may be the constant freezing of the limbs and their convulsion. In addition, it is necessary to suspect vitamin deficiency with constant fatigue and drowsiness, even if a person gets enough sleep at night. Very often, the concentration of potassium drops sharply in women when carrying a child. If it is precisely these reasons that can explain lacrimation, then appropriate measures must be taken. Include bananas, cucumbers, beans, and other foods high in potassium in your diet.

Causes of watery eyes – wearing corrective lenses

Wearing these vision correctors can lead to watery eyes if the lenses are not suitable for diopters, which can strain the optic muscles. If the eyes begin to water as soon as a person tries to put on the lenses, then the person has a hypersensitive cornea, or an allergic reaction to the lens care and storage products. To find out if the exact reason is in them, you can try to do without them for a while. If there is an improvement, then you should first contact a specialist and have your eyesight checked. Also in the spring, when pollen is flying everywhere in the air , it can get under the lenses, thus causing irritation. Therefore, at this time, you should be especially careful and careful. 

Causes of watery eyes – decorative cosmetics

Often, it is the use of such decorative cosmetics as eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara that causes watery eyes. As a rule, such eye problems develop when using low-quality cosmetics. Meanwhile, even the most expensive cosmetics do not guarantee that the eyes will not react to them normally. The choice of cosmetics is always strictly individual. If there is a suspicion of an allergy to cosmetics, you just need to stop using it for a while. If the situation changes for the better, then such cosmetics can no longer be bought, and in general it is worth treating the choice of decorative cosmetics more carefully. It is worth rinsing the eyes for a while with a decoction of ordinary black tea or chamomile, and then proceed to the selection of new cosmetics. If you are allergic to cosmetics, but if you need to use it, you must give preference to decorative products marked – hypoallergenic. Such cosmetics do not contain artificial ingredients – fragrances and preservatives, which most often become provocateurs of an allergic reaction to the eyes.

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