Little bespectacled man. How to preserve the vision of your baby?

Little bespectacled man. How to preserve the vision of your baby?

According to statistics, about 40% of children aged six to seven years have vision problems. They need to wear glasses, and it can be difficult for parents to teach their children to wear glasses.  

Why does the child’s vision deteriorate ? There are many reasons for this today. Children too early begin to get acquainted with a computer, TV. The child’s addiction to fast food, a sedentary lifestyle lead to overweight, which, in turn, leads to problems with the spine. Consequently, blood circulation is disturbed, the head and eyes receive little blood and oxygen, visual acuity decreases. Frequent catarrhal diseases of the child, allergies lead to metabolic disorders, blood supply to the eyes, which changes the structure of the sclera, and it is easily stretched with any visual load. 

The eyes of the child must be given rest . Children with good eyesight should take breaks every forty minutes, and children with low myopia every thirty minutes. Note that a break does not mean that after lessons you need to watch TV. The child needs to run, jump, stretch, do eye exercises. 

Do eye exercises with your child . Guide the lateral surfaces of large eyes from the wings of the nose to the inner corners of the eyes, and, without opening your hands, in a circle from the beginning of the eyebrows to the end. This exercise should be repeated about 10 times. Massage the eyeballs with a light touch of the fingers from the outer corners of the eyes to the inner – ten times.

Draw on the window with a felt-tip pen a mark with a diameter of 5 mm at the eye level of the child. Take him from the window at arm’s length, and let him look 5 seconds at the mark, and then 5 seconds at the object outside the window. This exercise trains the eye muscle. If your child wears glasses, exercise should be done with glasses. Such gymnastics can be done for children with healthy eyesight, and for those with poor eyesight such gymnastics is shown daily.  

Doctors-oculists advises to protect the child from the TV and computer. Children under the age of three should preferably not watch television at all, since approximately by this age their vision becomes equal to one. It is better to postpone the computer until the age of 8, since the muscle that provides good vision is finally formed in 7-8 years.  

Doctors advise among school week did not watch children TV as very high workload, and a computer to carry out a maximum of 15-20 minutes as needed.  

Children should move more, preferably in the fresh air . Give the children housework, give them to the sports section, preferably where the work of the hands is required. This will improve the blood supply to the upper torso, and therefore the eyes. It is also possible to conduct a child back and collar massage once a half a year. 

Any child who is forced to wear glasses desperately resists this. He is afraid of ridicule and the fact that he will be teased by a bespectacled man. Glasses prevent boys from running, jumping, frolicing, playing sports. Very often, when the parents are out of reach, the child’s glasses simply lie in the school bag. Girls who are scrupulous about their appearance also resist wearing glasses, or wear them, but are shy. 

You can change the situation with the reluctance to wear glasses at the very beginning by buying a child a rim to face. Try to pay attention to cartoon characters, famous actors and actresses who wear glasses. You can not put pressure on the child, make him wear glasses. It is better to say that the child’s glasses are very smart and serious. You can ask the teacher to intercede for the child, if suddenly they start to tease him strongly. You can also promise the child that in the future it is possible to replace glasses with contact lenses or a painless eye operation.  

Many parents are sure that if vision has not fallen dramatically, glasses are not necessary. Doctors say that only wearing glasses holds back myopia and can correct vision. If vision allows, you can prescribe glasses for the distance, which must be worn when you look at the blackboard, television or go to the cinema or theater.  

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