Colored contact lenses for eyes

Colored contact lenses for eyes

Colored contact lenses for the eyes are made from an elastic material with the thinnest base. Colored contact lenses for the eyes, just like ordinary ones, must meet all the requirements for the eyes to be comfortable in them all day long. In fact, the only difference between colored lenses for eyes and ordinary ones is that they are actually colored. In this case, the paint is applied in a special way, protecting the cornea of ​​the eye from its effects. For this reason, there is no need to worry about impairing vision while wearing colored contact lenses. Although, of course, such a statement can be attributed to high quality colored contact lenses.

Wearing colored lenses for your eyes is similar to wearing clear lenses, which are worn during the day and removed at night to give your eyes the rest they need.

Recently, colored eye contact lenses have become a fashion accessory that allows you to make changes to your look whenever you need it.

All modern colored eye contact lenses are divided into two types. The first type is lenses that change the original iris color to a completely different one. They are called actually colored. The second type of contact lenses for eyes is called tint. The latter cannot radically change the color of the eyes. They only make the natural shade of the eyes brighter and deeper. 

The main condition for choosing colored contact lenses for the eyes is the natural color of the iris. If a person has a dark eye color – dark gray or brown, then you can choose exactly colored lenses that radically change color. With eyes of a lighter shade, you can buy tinted colored contact lenses for eyes, which, by deepening the original color, will make the eyes brighter and more expressive.

If a person’s eyes are very light, then you can choose any type of colored lenses for the eyes.

Colored eye contact lenses may or may not be dioptric. That is, if a person does not suffer from visual impairments, but simply wants to change the color of his eyes, then lenses that do not have any distortion power are suitable for him. And a person who has vision problems will be able to make changes in his appearance and see perfectly in colored lenses.

It should be noted that the color of the lenses does not affect visual perception in any way. In other words, wearing blue colored contact lenses for the eyes, a person will not see the whole world in blue.

Any type of contact lenses require proper care and adherence to the rules of use. There are also some rules regarding colored contact lenses. For example, if tinted lenses can be worn without taking off all day, then colored lenses are best worn for about five hours, then taking a short break from wearing. 

Storage of colored contact lenses for the eyes must be carried out in special containers, which are pre-filled with a special care compound. Lenses need to be cleaned every few weeks, for which special solutions are also sold.

Since the lenses, even decorative ones, will be in direct contact with the surface of the eyeball , they must be purchased only in approved licensed optician salons. Before buying, it is better to consult with an ophthalmologist, whose services are offered by every self-respecting salon. Particular attention should be paid to whether colored contact lenses cause eye allergies. 

Learning to “put on” lenses is not difficult. A specialist will help you put them on for the first time. The main rule of putting on lenses is clean hands and care.  

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