A pack of cigarettes a day impairs color vision

A pack of cigarettes a day impairs color vision

Scientists from the University of New Jersey named after G. Rutgers found that people who smoked a pack of cigarettes or more every day not only deteriorate their eyesight, but also their ability to distinguish colors.

The study involved 134 healthy people aged 25 to 45 years. According to the results of traditional tests, they all had normal or corrected to normal vision. In relation to smoking, the project participants were divided into two groups. Participants from one group (71 people) smoked no more than 15 cigarettes in their entire life. Representatives of another group smoked at least 20 cigarettes daily (1 pack).

Scientists tested the degree of contrast of the test subjects and their ability to distinguish colors. It turned out that the difference between both groups is – and quite substantial. Smokers distinguished colors worse than non-smokers. Changes in red-green and yellow-blue color vision were expressed.

According to experts, problems with red-green colors are one of the most common forms of color vision deficiency. They are found in every 12th man and in every 200th woman. Most often, these problems are associated with genetic predisposition. But damage to the optic nerve and diseases of the retina can also lead to a deterioration in the ability to recognize vision.

According to researchers, the neurotoxic chemical compounds contained in the smoke of cigarettes, just and lead to a deterioration in color vision. Nicotine and other substances cause damage to the blood vessels in the eyes – this is one of the reasons for the problem with color recognition.

Previously it was shown that against the background of smoking, the thickness of the bark decreases   HEAD of the brain, including in the areas of visual processing. And, of course, with prolonged smoking increases the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration, as well as yellowing and inflammation in the area of ​​the lens.

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